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Thread: Now Who's the Terrorist!?

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    The facts show that our government and its three letter gangs have set in motion a series of events if the form of bills, directives, executive orders, and defense contacts ect. ect. That individually seem almost harmless but combined have a seemingly endless arm of totalitarian power. That should the people of this police state we call our country militarize, mobilize, and organize ourselves in revolution against the oppression and terror of the current regime we will face a seemingly insurmountable level of opposition. Through the implementation of Martial Law, REX-84, and other Continuation Of Government (COG) procedures the government gives itself the power to suspend Habeas Corpus and endless other rights normally protected by the Constitution, it also gives them the power to suspend the Constitution itself. Furthermore it gives them the power to detain citizens of the police state labeled as "Homegrown Domestic Terrorist" for an "undetermined and indefinite" period of time. The reality is that KBR, Halliburton, and politicians working to set up their own forms of shadow government are spending billions of dollars on no-bid contracts to build and or renovate large scale detention facilities. Facilities that are trying to be passed off as FEMA facilities but all evidence points to the contrary. Especially when you read documents like the Immigrations and Customs Enforcements' (ICE) ten year plan entitled "Endgame". Which has already been set into action by the Office of Detention and Removal (DRO). This program specifically targets "potential domestic terrorist" as one of its main objectives. Taxpayer dollars are further being wasted to dispose of links and block access to archived copies of this and many other documents related to this and many of the press releases regarding KBR/Halliburton involvement and contracts regarding the construction of theses detention facilities.

    On a closing note, you may read this and generalize this as mere conspiracy theory. But I urge you to do some of your own research and you'll see that I present this to you not as opinions or assumptions but as facts that I as the author have gathered in my own research. If you take nothing from this blog and others but a increased level of dissent or a renewed level of interest on what our government is doing then I have done my part. So once again I strongly urge you to not take what the television tells you what they think you should know but to gather your own information and for your own ideas.

    "The government constantly needs a reminder that free citizens will only be governed by consent not control."

    _NorthSide_ @

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    I think on some level, this post and mine on Islamic Fascism have some relation.

    The US government?s unwillingness to identify our ?enemy? as radical Islamic extremist and opting for the term ?terrorist?, allows them to paint with a much broader brush.

    If we could focus our attention on defending ourselves from those who truly threaten us, then those who do not pose a serious threat wouldn?t have their rights trampled.

    The result is that there is a backlash of resentment against the government and we (the public) become suspicious of everything they do.

    I hope it makes you happy that someone finally commented on one of your posts.
    However, just because I responded does not mean I'm ready to sign for your revolution.

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