I have to first say that I did not care to watch this movie when I heard Matt Damon was narrating. I gave it a shot after hearing a lot of good stuff about this movie/documentary. I recommend everyone watch this movie. I realize we all have busy lives, and don't have always have time to look up a new title for rent and sit down and watch at home. However, I have to say that it has changed me. It has given me a new found anger in our banking system, world banks, politicians, ceo's etc... They painted a clear picture of what went on. Roubini had lots of segmentsin it, and its hard to believe he was telling us what was going on all this time, and was simply ignored. Everything that guy said was happening, and has happened. Its scary.

I found a newfound hatred for Paulson, Rubin, Summers, and AIG. my position on deregulation has totally changed. They paid poltiticians off to deregulate as they saw fit and gambled with money we never had at our expense. The group involved that rated all the subprime loans as AAA need to go to jail. The whole bit of insuring loans and having bets on on the side against those loans should be illegal. There can never be a larger conflict of interest.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share my thoughts, and highly recommend this movie. It has me second guessing my party affiliation as a whole as both democrat and republicans were deeply involved.