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Discuss Public transportation is made inconvinient on purpose at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by contini For an understanding of the poor public transport in America, you ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by contini View Post
    For an understanding of the poor public transport in America, you can start by looking here:
    I'm not sure that this props up your case. Moreover, it sinks the credibility of the argument, as it is an uncited article with admitted conspiracy theories.

    One thing I have learned and observed is that people don't like to spend more money than they have to. If public transportation were cheaper than cars, it would happen. So far, it hasn't proven to be more cost effective. Maybe as fuel prices rise, public transportation will rise.

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    Thanks Flop, I've been very busy busy busy. Haven't had time to get back
    to discussion forums!

    Skip: just do a Google search on "UNITED STATES V. NATIONAL CITY LINES , 334 U.S. 573 ".
    You can read more about the supreme course case against NCL and general motors:

    For a single person or a couple, public transport *is* cheaper than cars,
    but it is often less convenient except in places with very good public
    transport like Paris or Tokyo. Many people don't realize, but a good
    public transport system benefits everybody. It gives the poor people a
    cheaper alternative to owning a motor vehicle, and it keeps the roads less
    congested for those who decide to drive. Not to mention the health
    benefits from having less pollutants in the air.

    I've been in Sydney for nearly 6 years now, and only bought my first car
    here a few weeks ago. I simply did not need one because the public
    transit is quite reasonable. But now the picture is changing because
    I have visitors (inlaws...), and putting 4 people in a car is in fact cheaper
    (and definitely more convenient) than buying 4 separate train or bus
    tickets. Still, when I travel on my own, I almost always use public transport
    since it is cheaper for a single traveler.

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    Default Re: Public transportation is made inconvinient on purpose

    Similiar to what Contini and Big say, when I visited many of the great cities of Europe I realized that people can, and do, get along fine without a car. It's a damn shame we don't have more developed systems here. For many years I've dreamed of having trains to and from the major cities in the West and Midwest. They've talked about something from Chicago to Des Moines but I don't know where that stands. This is something a U.S. President could initiate and talk about but it's unlikely s/he will, since they are all sucking at the corporate teat.

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