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    i dont know

    thank you

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    I'm of the opinion that the federal government was given specific things in the Constitution to take care of and the rest was to be left to the state and local governments. Education is one of those things that should have been left to state and local governments.

    I agree that accountability is needed, but as usual the feds came up with a half baked plan that has not and will not work for every situation and every state and municipality. Yes, it does help the lowest to give them a goal and brings them up to some level. However, what I see in my school district is that with so much being spent to bring the strugglers up, there's nothing left to help challenge those kids at the top end. They've taken away the electives, and other classes that the gifted kids used to broaden their breadth of educational knowlege.

    Some kids are still getting left behind and even more kids are never getting ahead.

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    "Some kids are still getting left behind and even more kids are never getting ahead."

    Actually, a lot of kids are being left behind with even more never getting ahead. NCLF has turned us into a nation in the middle and below with very few ever reaching their full potential. That's good from a Federal Gov't stand point because the dumber the nation gets, the least likely they are to fight the gov't over the dumb things they do in our country.
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    This is the way I see it.

    Schools in wealthy communities have more money for better schools and better/more teachers. Also, many of these families have stay-at-homes moms to supplement the formal education.

    Schools in poor communities have less resources and the parent(s) work two or more jobs to pay the bills. This culture does not endorse education.

    So what happens is that students living in wealth areas become doctors, lawyers, engineers or other high educated professionals.

    The kids in poor communities become blue collar laborers.
    (of course there are exceptions, I'm talking in generalities)

    The problem is that the blue collar jobs are disappearing.

    They are either going overseas or being taken by immigrants (legal & illegal).

    So now we are trying to highly educate everyone.

    The poor communities don't have the resources and foundation to cut it and the rich community schools are being water down.

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    You're very accurate about poor or rural areas not having the resources. Problem is that teachers are on a rotating shift so to speak. Its rare anymore that you get long term teachers in these areas because they simply can't make a living. What has happened is that instead of teaching being a good job out of college, its turned into the "Peace Corp" so to speak in that they are pretty much working way may than what they are worth. So, you tend to get new teachers every other year and a lot of times, the best teachers are refusing to stay put because of money.

    Me personally, I see working for a school as donating my time because I really make nothing working here. I could easily go get a job working the same hours and making double what I'm making now. Which in my old job I was making way more than I'm making now.

    However, I made a choice and decided money wasn't as important as helping others. Would it be great that I make a ton doing what I do as a school employee and coach? Sure would, but its not necessary.
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