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Thread: "Freedom Fighters" ????

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    Default "Freedom Fighters" ????

    The title refers to the term that some poster here have used to describe insurgents in Iraq.

    The insurgents have been characterized as oppressed people how are doing nothing but driving an aggressive invader from their homeland.

    If so, then how does one account for suicide bomb that killed 24 people at a Shiite-Sunni reconciliation meeting?

    Why would anyone be against a meeting where two sides are attempting to work out differences without violence?

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    Default Re: "Freedom Fighters" ????

    There are many different factions with different goals. Maybe one faction didn’t like what the others were discussing. They are fighting among themselves as well as the invaders. You have to remember these people never chose to live in one country. They were brutally suppressed by England in 1920s.

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    power struggles - no different than the Mafia. Think things are bad are now, wait until we evacuate.

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