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Thread: Find your Candidate

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    Mine went Rudy, Thompson, Romney
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    I tied between Tommy and Fred Thompson.

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    Was surprised, mine was Mitt Romney, Tancredo, Thompson, and Cox
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    Something isn't right. Either in my misunderstanding the questions or in the calculation.

    It selected for me: Gravel (who I know nothing about), Tommy Thompson, and Romney (the latter two whom I'm sure don't represent my views).

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    i had gravel, kucinich and obama. I don't follow candidates closely, so i have no idea how accurate those picks were. After that, though, things didn't look very sensible since there there were a bunch of republicans and then a few dems (including clinton) and then more republicans....

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    Gravel 95% then Biden and Clinton 67% Obama 60%. I guess I'll have to do some reading on Gravel, but I think my vote will still to my senator.
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    i retook it with the importance meter (didn't do that the first time) and the results were much better in terms of there being a clear split between parties. Only had a 12% match w/ romney.

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    Got me basically in a tie with Mitt and Fred.

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    California Representative Duncan Hunter (R)
    68.18% match

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