Although Bin Laden's killer will not be named, nor will the other members of his unit, the Washington Post interviewed three former SEALs to sketch out a likely profile.

"He's bearded, rough-looking, like a street urchin", Richard Marcinko, founder of SEAL Team Six, speculated. "You don't want to stick out", he said.

He is probably aged 26 to 33 and has carried out more than a dozen deployments, Marcinko told the post.

Above all, he will have the drive and competitive spirit to want to get straight back into the action, the former SEALs predicted.

On that note....anyone know of the whereabouts of Mark Conley? I know he was SEALs bound when he left the academy and I haven't heard anything about him since. Pretty vague profile...but he doesn't NOT fit it.

Mark may have had the strongest 3rd period of anyone I've ever seen wrestle....including all the Iowa legends.

I'll choose to believe its him. USA!