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Thread: Should Mubarak step down

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    Quinn ,
    Have you ever read ''The Prince''-just another example of Machiavellian politics-an unseen 3rd party funding both factions for their agenda. now comes the perilous part-Will one of the factions turn on the 3rd party ? This happened to the US in Afghanistan as we provided them (covertly) the weapons they needed to fight the soviets-yet since we spent Billions to fund the war and NOTHING for the reconstruction-the TALIBAN came forth as freedom fighters and are using our own weapons and black ops techniques against us.
    I have not read that. I will try and find it at the library. But I do have a feeling that some sort of terrorist group is about to take over the world's largest Arabic country. I don't know the funding because it is probably done covertly like you said. This just doesn't look like it will end in a nice democratic election for free people. I'll bet someone does have a plan already in tact on how to take over this country. I hope not, but if so, the question is who's next?

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    As is the case with me with international politics, I haven't followed this issue at all, and I would stun most of you with how ignorant I am of this entire situation.

    With that said, I DO follow U.S. politics and from what I am gathering from every source of news, this is a good thing that has happened today. It seems to be nothing but a worldwide celebration, as well as a U.S. celebration.

    Now, with THAT said, why is Sean McVeigh Hannity and party boss Rush Koresh Limbaugh saying that this is a bad thing and telling people nothing but negative about it?

    Seriously, I am completely ignorant, so please advise.
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    I don't listen to Hannity or Limbaugh, so I don't know what they are saying. But, Egypt has been an ally to the US. This uprising was a coordinated thing and that is what is so suspicious. In a country that has povery as bad as Egypt, terror groups with money can swoop in and offer to help the people in need. I have heard that Muslim Brotherhood, which has spawned al quada, hamas and other terror groups, is wanting to get some sort of political power now. I have also heard that Cairo is a very powerful stronghold in the Arab world. So, it sounds like if it begins to turn to a group like that, others may follow suit.

    I don't think anyone knows for sure what will happen, but that certainly is a possibility. I don't know what, if anything, the US can do to ensure it doesn't turn to terror groups for leadership. It will be a very pivitol next few months. Hannity and Limbaugh may be afraid of something like that, I don't know.

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    From what little I know, this appears to be more of a "grass roots" uprising than a scheme by terrorist groups, and I for one am pretty excited that this is happening without a civil war (as has been the case in many other African countries). That said, I agree with quinn that there is the possibility and extremist could get into government. Hopefully the Egyptian people continue to demand good, responsible government for themselves.

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    The shut down of the Suez Canal was another thing I had heard could be a concern and now it looks like it may happen.

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    The "extremists" are the result of YEARS of US "government" meddling in Middle East affairs. The Fundamental Radical Islam that the West is concerned about is more reaction to supporting the Shah, the current Saudi regime, Mubarack & other suppressive actions, (including supporting & then throwing out Hussein) that had NOTHING to do with giving these people "Freedom" & "Democracy."

    "Our" actions meant NO DEMOCRACY for millions in the Middle East. Talk to any Iranian now living int he USA. They will tell you that the Islamic revolution of 79 was known about for up to 3 years in Tehran & was a response to the installation of the Shah & the CIA overthrow of a Democratically elected government in 1953. Our "government" is so concerned about "Democracy" in Iran now but it sure wasn't when Mossadegah was put under house arrest 58 years ago.

    Egypt was worth 70 billion to Defense contractors in the USA. To get that pound of flesh "we" didnt care who was in power or what they did to their people. That's so disgusting it is beyond words. And now we are "worried"? Karma is a bitch.

    The US government has a systemic pattern of not letting civil rights get in the way of profits or power. To many Islam believers, the US government are hypocrites & rightly so.

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