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Discuss I'm 72 and I'm not hopping on a plane for anybody at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Ground&Pound Baseball is a team sport and Barry is a "me" player. ...
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    Default Re: I'm 72 and I'm not hopping on a plane for anybody

    Quote Originally Posted by Ground&Pound View Post
    Baseball is a team sport and Barry is a "me" player.

    He didn't fit in at all in Pittsburgh.
    Cali is more his style.
    Hmmm, Brother Ground & Pound,

    Just a late night, 2nd snifter of brandy thought after reviewing your quote in this old thread: Your theory is that California and it's citizens are MORE INDIVIDUALISTIC and less team oriented, whereas Pennsylvanians are MORE TEAM ORIENTED and less individualistic. As someone who has lived in both states for substantial periods of time (CA 20 years; PA 19 years) I would tend to agree with you, just based on anecdotal and professional (family therapist) experiences.

    Perhaps this difference would partially explain why California tends to be over represented on the more individualistic Olympic Freestyle and greco teams (3 of 7 in 04 games) whereas Pennsylvanians tend to be over represented in the more team focused Collegiate styles.

    Without being willing to do more research (rather have one more brandy ) it seems that this might be true in individual vs team sports in general. Californians are well represented each year in track & field, swimming, gymnastics, diving, golf, judo, as well as the aforementioned freestyle & greco wrestling, while the east coast seems to be better represented in team sports of football, baseball, Lacrosse, basketball, hockey, etc. What do you think. Sound socio-geographical athletic theory, or just the ramblings of a man at the bottom of the brandy snifter?

    Of, course, my theory can't account for the 80's 49ers or 60's UCLA BB teams, but there is always an outlayer in any great theory. I'll start working on my Nobel prize acceptance speech Brothers.

    PS.- Barry smacked #760 tonight !

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    Default Re: I'm 72 and I'm not hopping on a plane for anybody

    Bro MoJo,

    In all seriousness, you may have something here.

    There is definitely a sub culture around here that values team work and loyalty.

    Maybe it goes back to Pittsburgh's pro-union history?

    I would bet that a statistical study of team sport vs non team sports athletes from westerner PA & CA would support your theory.

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    Default Re: I'm 72 and I'm not hopping on a plane for anybody

    Mojo - here's the chink in your theory.

    9 of the 19 players on the 07 USA Volleyball roster are from California

    14 of the 15 players on the USA Mens Water Polo roster are from California

    Theast may have more representation in Lacrosse and hockey similar to the west dominance in volleyball and water polo because each of the sports are dominant at the youth/HS level in there respective regions.

    I can't think of an east coast water polo team, nor do hear mention of a top tier west coast hockey team.

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