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Discuss Imus dosen't deserve the harrassement at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; [QUOTE=RU;1424][I] Look for the axe to fall on Imus today. The pressure is on CBS. ...
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    [QUOTE=RU;1424][I]Look for the axe to fall on Imus today. The pressure is on CBS. The Pres has deligated the decision to No.2 with the instructions to "Do what is right". I suspect they are strategizing a way to avoid the axe, but just haven't found an exit route that preserves the IMan. MSNBC pulled the plug, we are talking hours before CBS ends the discussion and sends Imus to the Cosell Home for the Disparaged.

    Now, starts the debate of who will pick up the IMan and his loyal following - Could it be Serius radio ? While he and Stern aren't exactly bosom buddies, Stern has too much at stake for Serius to fail. He'll enlist any supporting cast he can find that adds subscribers

    Good call Brother RU.
    I heard this story from a number of perspectives - as an African-American man, as a former college athlete and coach, as a social liberal and as a father/son/brother/husband/friend of wonderful women. I must admit, the perspective of being a father was most sensitive to and most upset with the Imus remarks. This week I watched my bright, beautiful and talented 13-year-old daughter give a lecture on the history of jazz and play 1st base on her school softball team. While I was/am very proud of her, I also still feel very protective of her when she is in a public forum. I guess I will always feel this way. I can only imagine my fury and outrage if someone had referred to her as a "nappy headed ho" or some such derogotory characterization. My first and clearest reaction would have been to beat the shit out of that person or persons, using every hour of my training in wrestling, judo and growing up in hardcore communities as my tools in said ass beating. I would ask any of you brothers posting here if you would not have felt the same way were it your daughters, regardless of the rationalizations you are proposing for excusing Imus's words. Were I on the other side, and referred to someones daughter/sister/wife in such terms, I would deserve the asskicking that I would expect to receive. I think that society as a collective responded in a similar, paternalistic manner in wanting to protect a group of women who can easily be seen as our collective and ideal "daughters" and subsequently just dished out such a well deserved ass kicking to Don Imus. Whether he takes it like a man or not is up to him.
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