Recently, American Atheists put up a billboard on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel. The billboard reads, ?You KNOW it?s a Myth! This Season, Celebrate REASON!? and depicts the nativity scene with the three wise men following the Star of Bethlehem. But this isn?t the only billboard to have caused controversy lately.
The Dallas-Fort Worth Coalition of Reason will be puting up a new bus billboard campaign with the message that ?Millions of Americans are good without God? (picture #1 of the slideshow in the sidebar). This message was so controversial that Dallas bus company banned the advertisement and banned all religious and non-religious ads entirely rather than allow this message on their buses. UPDATE: Religious leaders in the Fort Worth area are threatening to boycott the buses if the Transit Authority does not ban the DFWCoR bus campaign.
The atheist billboard and bus campaigns of course generated controversy because they were put up by atheists. While the American Atheist billboard is slightly more vocal in its criticism of religious myth than other atheist billboards, it certainly is much less provocative than many (if not most) Christian billboards (see slideshow pictures 4 through 8).
In truth, it doesn?t much matter what the atheist billboard say or depicted, it would have generated the same level of media attention, controversy, and religious condemnation. To better prove this point, look at the level of media attention, controversy, and religious condemnation that the original United Coalition of Reason billboards have generated (picture #3 of the slideshow). These billboards first appeared in Philadelphia and have since been put up in various cities around the nation. They are specifically and obviously targeting those who already don?t believe in a god and they are not insulting to inflammatory in any way except that they were put up by atheists for atheists.