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Discuss Spitzer is Not Into Condoms! at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; The prostitute at the center of the scandal that brought down former New York Gov. ...
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    Men Spitzer is Not Into Condoms!

    The prostitute at the center of the scandal that brought down former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer has apologized to his wife.

    I could not stop laughing in court papers the Prostitute said she always used protection but Governor Spitzer wanted to not use any protection!

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    Prostitute Apologizes To Wife Of Former NY Gov.
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    Default Re: Spitzer is Not Into Condoms!

    That girl is HOT
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    Default Re: Spitzer is Not Into Condoms!

    Heck, at least be somewhat safe and do like Dick Morris did with prostitutes!

    In that case, all you get is a little toenail fungus!
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    Default Re: Spitzer is Not Into Condoms!

    No respect for his wife and family. One of the most ignorant things a person can do is do a whore. Talk about destructive lifestyles!!!

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