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Thread: Beware of history books propaganda

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    We teach our kids from our own perspectives all the time. It's also our job to teach them to be open and accepting of other views, but it seems wrong to teach them nothing about history for fear of bias. We just do the best we can.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big View Post
    I rather doubt that kids who are well educated in history can still learn to question what they have learned in the past. If they learn one perspective, how will they ever get enough motivation to read and think from another perspective?

    Its better not to know the world until later than know the wrong things about it.

    You are exactly right when you say that it is hard to question what you've learned in the past. Truer words have never been spoken (or written). This forum may be the best proof of that.

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    And yet, people do learn, even old dogs like me. This forum is proof of that also.

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    I think it would be well for you to turn your "critical eye" toward any history you present from Wikipedia.

    At least you provide sources, so that readers can "beware".

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    My high school history teacher told me one of the truest things I've ever heard when he said "history is written by whichever side wins." I believe proof of that can be found in Big's favorite movie ever when King Xerxes tells Leonidas his name will be stricken from the history books
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