Dr. evil, I stand by my statements about Obama not making it clear about the time it would take. He has went down in the polls every month since he got elected because he promised too much. The people who swayed that election were young and/or first time voters. They believed the hype because they didn't feel as though they had been lied to before. Any consistant voter knows not to believe the hype. So, like I said, Obama did it to himself.

Your post about how he did say it would take time, is completely lost on those people. Like I said, they don't listen to speeches or even watch the news on a regular basis. That is who voted for Obama. People who don't watch the news or pay attention to politics. That is not a criticism of him or them. He did his job by getting them to vote and they did theirs by voting. Now, those same people feel lied to. You or anyone else can sit back and claim he said this or that, but it doesn't matter to them. Young people are a NOW type personality. I have two kids in college and I know about their expectations. I also hear them and their friends talk about how they think they were lied to. They all, and I mean all, now think that voting is a waste of time because nothing will change.

That type of feeling is not good. I'm not saying Obama is the only one responsible for that feeling, but he certainly hasn't helped. His promises not kept have made young people feel like they are screwed. Washington has gotten too big and full of themselves and it really is time for a change. But not a change to the left or the right. It's time for a change of the way things are done. I suggest term limits for everyone and drop the pension and health care. Make them live by the same laws that they pass and I'll bet you a lot of the dumb stuff will stop. Right now, they are just taking their appointment like a job and they are the boss. They need to be reminded that they are there to serve us. Two terms and done with no pension or health care and we will probably get honest politicians again. IMO.