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Without a specific proposed plan for resolving the problems in housing, you said there would be consequences if the government were "involved". This is a theme you've expressed before. You (and others) make a simple assumption that government will do wrong--whatever it is. I was just extrapolating from your premises that government should be abolished.
Yes, I'm pretty anti-government, but I don't advocate that we abolish it.

I don't have a specific plan for resolving the problem in housing, other than just letting it take it's course. It's definitely a "problem" for the people on both sides of a bad loan, but it remains to be seen how it will affect the broader market.

I don't trust the government to solve problems, regardless of whether the D's or the R's are in charge. Look at Katrina, Iraq, CIA, and any number of random government agencies. Call me a simpleton, an idiot, or a horse's ass, but I trust the private market much more than the government.