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Thread: Globalization has created a World of serfdom

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    The same could be said of your arguments. You, Big, and others have presented arguments that have been refuted ad nauseum by others, yet you still stick to them -- so the point is moot.

    However, you refuse to argue based on any substance. You have taken to name calling, being upset that others don't agree with you, yet you don't want to speak on the merits of the issues.

    If you want to assert that capitalism is not freedom, we may discuss that if you back up your argument with fact or economic theory. But, if you make that assertion, don't just tell me that you are right because others have said it and I am an idealogue. Give me some substance.

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    Default Re: Globalization has created a World of serfdom

    "Your arguments have been rejected by Big, by me, and by others, yet you continue to assert them over and over"

    Wow, that sentence just needs to stand on it's own. Swirl the glass and drink it in. You and Big have rejected the argument, yet Skipster "continues to assert", as if he hasn't yet realized how brilliant your counterarguments are.

    There are people in the US who are completely xenophobic, and believe that freedom results in good all of the time. Those people may be worthy or ridicule, but from what I've seen Skipster doesn't fall into that category. If he does, then someone needs to prove it, by argument and logic, rather than by name calling.

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    Default Re: Globalization has created a World of serfdom

    I don't come on here and say crap like "communism is freedom" or "Jesus saves" or "The U.S. is Satan", in part because I have some consideration (i.e., respect) for the other posters here. There's no really arguing with an ideologue, because their response essentially boils down to "because the Bible says so" or "because capitalism is freedom". But you're free to swallow all you want. If you want to talk about real issues, and not ideological fantasies, I'll be around.
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