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Thread: Hey, Mr. Jesse Jackson......

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    I told you it wouldn't end in hugs and smiles.
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    Not like that was a difficult outcome to foresee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    Really? Funny how data shows us completely the opposite of what you say. Do the majority of Americans oppose the things that I have listed above? I'll make it easy for you: yes, they do, by quite sizable numbers. If you have data to counter it, let me know, as I should certainly know about it.

    So, if I go by what the numbers and data shows me, am I sterotyping? If so, then strike me down Lord, for I am sterotyping.
    The kind of data I worked with allowed me to say that racism is alive and well in the institutions of banking, law, real estate and the criminal justice system in Greater Cleveland. Nowhere in those previous discussions did I use the term "typical", point fingers, or use the word "them". I offered facts and probabilities based on those facts. You are definitely stereotyping with your conception of a "typical" (read "white") citizen. You offer some pretty sweeping generalizations. That's a prime recipe for stereotyping. I suppose you reinforce these (IMO) misguided views continually/repeatedly by teaching them.

    Am I a typical Amercan? I think so. Yet I measure up (or is it measure down?) in only two of your four categories. I question affimative action. I felt all along that Obama was too inexperienced for the office. BUT, I also felt McCain was much too hypocritical. That why I voted for Ralph Nader who at least spoke for me on a couple of issues of importance to me (like the dangers of large corporations). I wonder how this BP thing would have gone down if Nader was president.


    LkwdSteve, typical American citizen.
    DSCH: a Soviet artist's reply to unjust criticism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Maybe so.

    However, it is his title and with posts like the one above all you're doing is helping to strengthen the point that ban is trying to make.
    I intentionally refused to use the word reverend in the thread title, and not becuase I doubt if that word is "religiously" accurate. No, my decision was based on NOT wanting to appear like one of those right wing talkers that abound on the airwaves. The national guys and the local guys use the word "reverend" in a disrespectful fashion when his name is said. They have said it so much it is expected. I had something else to say.

    One local writer who really hammered Jackson in print was Plain Dealer columnist Phillip Morris. Here is what he wrote in yesterday's Plain Dealer (Metro Section) in part:

    "Ever since he whispered into an open campaign microphone in 2008 that he wanted to lynch then candidate Barack Obama by cutting off his testicles, Jackson has been completely exposed as nothing more than a horrible absecessed mouth. He is light-years past he point where he should simply be seen and not heard*."

    Strong words. I guess Mr. Morris has earned the pejoration "A typical American" (even if he is black).

    *Begging the question why the media prints his words, if not seeking him out.
    DSCH: a Soviet artist's reply to unjust criticism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    I've found that the quickest way to end an argument is to lay money on the line, but I usually lose every bet that I make. So, next time I extend the offer, you better take me up on it.
    You and me both that's why i never bet on sports......besides i can never enjoy a game if i have any amount of money on it.

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    "Keep in mind, people have been saying that about him LONG before Lebron james was even on this earth."

    That's nice. I will not take responsibility for what others have said in the past.

    I started this thead about THIS case. Jackson was right or wrong in his assertion. If right, why? If wrong, why?

    If he had talked about lack of black ownership of professional sports franchises he would have been on firmer footing.
    And there the NBA was the first (Bob Johnson and Michael Jordan, Charlotte) even if it took too long to get there.
    DSCH: a Soviet artist's reply to unjust criticism.

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    In the interest of super-equality, you should edit your own post where you call Jackson a jack___

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    If Jesse Jackson registers for this message board, I'll edit it then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban basketball View Post
    And, yes, the Black Panther Party is a racist organization (and even more scary, they may be communists too). However, here's the key: they don't deny it. It is those who deny it and fail to recognize that racism is real that should be our primary concern.
    lol... I'd be more concerned with the people who openly admit to being racist than some TV personalities that may or may not pretend it doesn't exist. Its like saying you're more worried about people who pretend the holocaust didn't exist than the guys who actually ran the camps.

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