Putting aside what anyone thinks about abortion, let me know what you all think about this.

Abortion is legal. So, a woman can decide to have an abortion with or without the concent of the father. It just happens to be the law no matter what your views are. So, the courts are saying that a person isn't a person until it's born. That is apparent with abortion being legal. So, since it isn't a person, a doctor isn't a murderer for performing an abortion. That is what the law says and that is what we all have to realize before this debate can go any further. I would like to read what you all think about this situation that I just heard about on the radio. Legally, not emotionally, how can this happen?

A pregnant, drunk, girl was driving her car. She got into a wreck and survived, but her (child, fetus, whatever you call it) did not. She was charged with vehicular homicide for the death of that the unborn child.

Couldn't she have an argument here?