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Thread: Athens, Alabama considers banning alcohol

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    Default Athens, Alabama considers banning alcohol

    There are several issues here, but the one that stands out for me, is that on any given issue in a community, it's so often the people against big money (in this case, the well-heeled liquor industry). What are a few church members against a steady barrage of beer commercials on television (Nearly 100% of people have TVs), much less lobbyists at the state house. I'm not saying I'm for prohibition (that's up to the community), but just pointing out how big money often gets its way--and how it seeks not just to have a profitable business, but to drive culture for the sake of maximizing profit.

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    Default Re: Athens, Alabama considers banning alcohol

    Similar issue in Allegheny Co. (Pittsburgh)

    The city council voted something like 18-1 to ban smoking in restaurants.

    Yet somehow, the ban isn't in place yet.

    Every time the ban is supposed to begin, it gets delayed at the very last minute.

    The community wants it, the elected leaders want, yet it hasn't happened.

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    Default Re: Athens, Alabama considers banning alcohol

    do they need booze to find their sisters attractive? Town could die out if they do

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    Default Re: Athens, Alabama considers banning alcohol

    Whew! I thought you was talking about Athens Georgia for a moment, now that would be a story.
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