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    Just how dumb can the administrators of the US Census be. You'll probably here about this on the news tomorrow.

    Guy comes knocking on the door to review a census form. He shows his ID and badge so the woman lets him in. He asks all his questions, reviewing who lives there, ages of everyone including the kids and goes on his way.

    The woman recognizes the guy and checks the NJ Sex Offender roster which is published on line here. Sure enough, this guy and his photo is on the list. She immediately calls the US Census Bureau and her local Police Department.

    Turns out, the US Census Bureau is not performing criminal background checks until after applicants have attended and passed their training program. Then they are handed their photo IDs and a badge..........if the person is found to have a criminal background, then they pull everything....

    But it takes 4 days to get the background check feedback and in the mean time those hired out there knocking on doors.

    Turns out the Census Bureau finds out this guy was also convicted of assault on female minor and listed as a pedophile and the fire him.

    Now when you fire someone or they leave the firm, don't take back all company ID, credit cards, etc on the spot. Well, I guess the US Census Bureau doesn't because this guy still had his and was out there knocking on doors.

    Can people still be so freakin stupid ? Or is only the freaking government workers that are so freakin stupid ?
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    Default Re: Census Masters

    Can people still be so freakin stupid ? Or is only the freaking government workers that are so freakin stupid ?

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