I have a theory on these "religious" extremists and pedophile priests. They are so disgusted with who they really are that they adopt a public persona that is a sham.

I could care less if the FRC dude is gay, but to be so vehemently anti-gay and profess that God will make them heterosexual with a lot of prayer and dedication to the evangelical way is the ultimate in self delusion.

As for the pedo priests, lock up those sick bastards and throw away the key.


<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> var articleheadline = "The rent boy and me: pastor tells all (but no kiss)";</SCRIPT>The rent boy and me: pastor tells all (but no kiss)

Anti-gay activist says he is victim of 'misleading innuendo' over holiday snap with male escort
<AUTHOR>By Guy Adams in Los Angeles</AUTHOR>