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Thread: The British sailors are cowards

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    They now admit they were in Iraqi waters but surrenedred themselves to the enemy because they said they were afraid of engaging and losing the combat. When you join the armed forces, you make a pledge to defend your country and fight when being attacked, but instead the british sailors decided it was inconvenient for them to defend themselves against the Iranians even though they say they were in Iraqi water. This is pathetic. No wonder the British want nuclear warheads in place. They'd get slaughtered in a conventional war. In 1905 the russians were outnumbered greatly against the japs and lost the battle, but they stil fought to the end. They had a choice to surrender and be a made a mockery out of their country. They refused and fought till the last man. The brits were like obediant servants and made a mockery out of their country. When they were told to talk, they talked and when they were told to smile they smiled like obediant sheep.
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