Unfortunately in our society we have bullies and because of their actions people sometimes can not cope and take extreme measures to escape the bullying. We had the incident here in Colorado at Columbine and recently we have seen some young men and women take their own lives because of the bullying. We can all agree that bullying is terrible and I have always despised bullies. We can also agree that there is a difference between bullying and pranking or some things that happen in the locker room, not all things but some.

The question as the article says is are adults responsible for the actions taken as a result of bullying. Are the teachers and parents responsible for what happens to the victims of the bullies. If a teacher witnesses bullying are they just as much to blame if they do not stop it immediately?

My stance is that the parents are liable for the actions of their kids, but if they do not see the bullying and it is not reported to them they can not he held to account. If a parent or the school notifies the parents of the actions of their child and they choose (like many parents do) to ignore or deny the warning then they are responsible.

As far as the school and teachers are concerned they are liable. Chances are that they have seen the bullying and have not stopped it. Some people are saying that teachers want to fit in with the bullies because thy view them as the in crowd. I dont know why a teacher would be concerned with that but supposedly it happens. Either way the school is responsible for the children while they are there. If bullying is going unchecked then the school along with the teachers are liable.