I cant say enough how much I disagree with the passing of this legislation and the way it has been done. We will never get control over our health back. I dont understand how people like to give up their freedoms and control of their lives to the government. i guess some people need a nanny to hold their hand and tell them when to wipe their ass. On a negative note the libs have found away to get their (another) pound of flesh from the rich. Everyone just quit working the government will take care of us all.

Only possibility is for the Dem's to lose control of both houses and the White House so the repubs can eliminate this travesty.

I did here a good argument the other day. If people have a right to health care and it is not expressed in the constitution, where is my government issued fire arm when I am assured the right to bear arms. Shouldn't someone have to pay for me to have a gun if it is a right for me to have one.