Recently , I have noted a truly disturbing trend in ''LAY'' coaches -I started out as a LAY coach-a non staff member who coached a ''minor '' sport -WRESTLING.
Within the last 2 months Indiana has had 4 separate incidents where a Homosexual molestation has occurred by a lay coach .The most recent was a 19 year old female basketball coach ''inappropriately '' touching a 12 year old . 5 weeks ago a teacher /Coach was arrested for having an affair with an 6th grader -she was 26 , the child 11.
I was often the subject of rumors of having sex with mat maids /cheerleaders but never accused as nothing ever happened . But recently this trend has taken on a more common occurrence and I find it very disturbing . The teacher/coach was fired from 2 other positions for the same thing -yet was re-hired ??
Since the subject of HELL has been mentioned prominently on this forum might I interject a Bible quote ''In the End of days they shall grow bold and show themselves for what they truly are''-We see Freemason license plates , Cthuthullu campaigns for president (an H.P.Lovecraft character) supposedly from the Necrominicon ,etc.-(I hold NO grudges against the FreeMasons) yet with the success of the DaVinci code the Masons and their forebearers -the Knights Templar-are the subject of rampant speculation .
So, are we in the END OF DAYS ? Does EVIL walk in daylight -so sure of itself it knows no fear ? Moral uncertainty abounds .
Personally , I can think of no greater betrayal than that of a Coach/Athlete -30 years ago I used to work in a hick town north of here and rather drive back up Saturday morning and then drive back here for a freestyle tournament I would have 10-12 guys crash on my floor .After 3 consecutive weeks I was informed the School's Van would no longer be available for sleep overs .First of 3 principals i have knocked out .
While NOT condoning my behavior I believe if more people stood up for that which is right we would not be seeing this skulking about -I am far from an expert from Right and Wrong and am currently under going a moral dilemma -but I believe I know Right from Wrong and act in accordance .
Would someone explain an appropriate touching of a student in the shower ??
I'm kinda hoping 2012 is the DAY.