This is a little late but can someone tell me why she still has a job after she claimed the "system worked" when the Nigerian terrorist was able to get the explosive onto the plane only to have a faulty fuse.

The system working in my eyes would mean that
1. The intelligence agencies communicate with each other and prevent suspected terrorists from boarding plains. The mans father tipped authorities as to his sons intentions.

2. They actually screen the suspected terrorist

3. The terrorist never gets on the plane.

The system is not working when you have to rely on incompetence or faulty equipment to prevent planes from being blown up.

So someone please make the case for her having a job and for Obama backing her up as a competent Director of Homeland Security. It might be because Obama is in denial about terrorism so much so that he wont even use the word, he now calls them "man made catastrophes". You can not beat an enemy you will not recognise.