With the actions of the major at fort hood and his pending trial, the military is faced with a tough situation. The military wants to accept everyone based on their word and clean background check but now that this has happened they might have to profile Muslim applicants. After the bombing of pearl harbor we know that Japanese Americans served in the military and the history channel has a story about that coming up, but we also confined them to internment camps in order to keep anything happening fro the inside. One difference that I see is that those Japanese were probably committed to the United states over Japan, I dont believe they felt allegiance to Japan. With Muslims their faith is number one priority like all other religions. The difference being that the extreme Islamic view could lead to acts like what happened at fort hood. Their could also be the attempt by Islamic extremist to plant moles or martyrs in the military to carry out these acts. Consider that this could be a real threat, the reaction of other service men might not be so kind to Muslim soldiers.

In light of these events should we profile Muslim applicants to the military or go further and no allow them to serve in order to avoid the threat. Or should we do nothing?