I love these dudes that PM and show how ridiculously obsessed they are. Like moths to a flame and I'm the fire.

Stalker starts the stalk:

I promise I won't tell, but just be honest. Are you really a man? Do you really feel the way you say on here? Or are you just trying to have fun by making retarded statements?

I can't believe that anyone who was born an American and has any idea about the Constitution could possibly feel the way you claim to.

I'm guessing you are joking or just a 12-year old fat kid.

12 year old fat kid says:

I'm Satan and I'm coming after you.

Stalker says:

That is funny. It confirms my thoughts. You are a 12-year-old fat kid. You see, child, Satan used wit and cunning to do his work. You just use curse-words and name calling. So, Satan you are not. Dumbass little kid, you are.

Hey, is dumbass little kid considered name calling? I can't believe a right wing robot would be a hypocrite. Shocked I tell ya-shocked!