So New Jersey votes to unload this meatball that got elected to be governor 4 years ago.

4 PM I get another politicing phone call, this time my caller id says it's the NJ Democratic Committee. I decide to take the call just to hear what they have to say.

As our dear departed friend Arte Johnson would say....Verrrrrrry Interesting !

Nope the guy on the other end didn't push for Corzine, the Dem, he's pushing for Daggett an independent that put a huge dent in the Repubs projection in the pre-election polls. Actually he was the best candidate based on his ideas conveyed during the three way debate.

A Dem pushing for an Indy ? Why ? I called my neighbor who is a biggy in the District Republican Clan. Turns out the Dem Committee got the voter registration lists and targeted the republicans for the promo calls hoping to split the Republican vote.

If not for the Caller ID that identified the Dem Committee, I would not have known the source of the call since the guy never identified himself nor the group he was calling for.