He is my president. He told us he will be everybodies president and that he will try to win our support. I felt ready to support him in healing our nation. But as of recent, he is spending more energy trying to divide us than he is fighting Al Qaida.

I was very disappointed to hear him give his partisan comments about how open minded democrats are and how the other side do as they are told. This is not the first time he has taken pot shots at opposition. Is this guy trying to break every record for fastest drop in political support? Does he not understand that many on the "otherside" are moderates? So many that McCain was won the primary as a statement? And all this Fox News whining and this hard ball actions toward other groups who are not agreeing with every policy. I am sorry, but I think our president has really taken a step down domestically. At least in my book.

I thought the president is suppose to be above these things, and if nothing else, at least use their minions to do their dirty work. But to hear these devisive words coming out of his mouth over and over. Its sad.