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Thread: Political Spin

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgallan View Post
    That is just too funny!
    More or less funny than when I came out about Newt Gingrich a few years ago?
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    Quote Originally Posted by BonnieJ2 View Post
    Wow. Lump 'em all together and dis 'em all. Did I not say that I thought it was funny? You got your knickers in a knot because your story wasn't true and other people didn't appreciate Reid being defamed that way.
    I ususally DO pass on a thread when I don't like what I read. What I dislike the most though, is that so many of these threads devolve into total bitchiness!
    I wasn't referencing your response. You had the sense and understandingto acknowledge the humerous intent behind the writing and the post. The point wasn't/isn't a slap at Reid or Gincrich or anyone else.

    It's how information is handled by the spinsters. You saw that. From that perspective, who cares if the story is real or not. Forget the political angle, it's the Spin.
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