Bill clears the Senate Finance Committee with repub voting for it.

Just another side of Obamacare....only employers will be allowed to buy into "group" programs. Colleges and universities that offer comparatively less expensive student group health programs will no longer be qualified to offer group pricing. The cost, nearly a $1000 increase per student when underwritten on an individual basis.

The GAO accountants price the cost of the program at $850,000,000,000 (I'll make reading easy, that's 850 billion) IN ADDITION to the existing $500,000,000,000 (that one is 500 billion) tab for Medicare/Medicaid - this is a $1.3 TRILLION dollar deal that won't pull a single person off the unemployment line.

I'm close to the medical insurance business and every medical insurer I've talked to has priced this deal at a minimum $2000 increase in addition to the employer funded portion becoming taxable income for every person that currently buys the insurance through their employer. Add and average 1500 to your wages and then pay the tax without the benefit of increased cash in your pay check. You can bet any added hit to the employer bottom line is going to be an employer pass through right down to your own pocket.