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Thread: Letterman needs to go

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    Plus, you have to look at the guy and imagine what his teenage years and life in his twenties were probably like. The guy probably never got laid until he appeared on television. Now, all of a sudden, he's getting the "forbidden fruit" dumped in his lap so much he actually starts thinking he's getting some a z z because he's a decent looking guy.

    I'd really like to see these women he's been getting it on with.

    Letterman and women has to be the equivalent of the preacher's daughter getting her first taste of alcohol after a life of abstaining from drinking and going on to being a raging alcoholic....

    It just makes sense.
    Your ignorance is painful to witness.....

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    What's the point of a goofy-looking dude making millions a year if he can't swim in the company pool once in a while?

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