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Thread: SNL takes a shot at Obama

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    Default SNL takes a shot at Obama<OBJECT data="<a href=" type=application/x-shockwave-flash _blank? target=" target=" http:>" /></OBJECT>

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    that was pretty good but the Clinton and Bush ones were a lot funnier.

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    Here is an interesting article about the skit and more. I thought it is a well written article and was surprised to read it on CNN. I can see how the left could take it one way and the right another but still a good article with some good points.

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    Rollins is a dyed in the wool republican. I thought the editorial was showing continued desperation by the republicans to paint this guy as incompetent. If they want to blame him for everything after 9 months they should blame Bush for the terrorist attacks on Sept 11, 2001.

    BTW, continually has conservatives posting editorials on their website. You should look at it more often. As for, I enjoy looking at it to see how they also continually try to drag him down at any opportunity.

    They really should change their url to

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    I thought the Obama video was pretty funny, but I think SNL should get a better look alike for the president.

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    That's what they do at SNL. I didn't think it was good. A few funny moments, but over all fell kind of flat. Nowhere near the quality of Bush 1, Clinton, and W. Bush.
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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    the SNL stuff on W. was the best.
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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    Obama is rather dull and the guy impersonating him doesn't have much material to work with IMO.

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    Default Re: SNL takes a shot at Obama

    I didnt see the all important teleprompter. That is where you get Obama a skit where he recites typos and bad stuff because it is on the prompter.

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