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    Default Youtube debate

    Anyone watch besides me?

    A lot of good questions and some good answers.

    Obama I thought did a great job of telling it how it is when it came to policy change and how hard it is. He said more than once that certain issues like oil dependency and health care have been the key issues for years but the special interest groups are pushing the agenda and neither a democratic or a rebuclican President has done anything about it. He vows to change things by putting the "peoples interest ahead of special interest". I also thought he handled the race issue well. There was a question from a black man asking about reperations for blacks because of slavery. Obama said they needed to fix the school systems and give reperations that way in the form of education essentially eliminating the need for financial reperation because well educated people can make it for themselves. I thought he was good on health care but nieve about it.

    Clinton was Clinton. She answered all the questions with confidence and I believe she showed why she is the front runner right now for the dems. There was a question about us being worried that the same two families could possibly control the executive branch of gov. for 26 years if Clinton is elected and re-elected. When She answered she said yes it is a shame that Dubya was elected again. It was pretty funny. But she tried to seperate herself from her husband without denouncing him. Trying to stand on her own. She also was sked about being a woman and running and what it means for womens rights, I thought she answered great saying she was not running because she was a woman but because she was the best candidate for the job.

    Kicinich (sp) should just stop the madness. He is not even a consideration in my mind for President and all he ever talks about is the war. If someone asked him about health care he responded about the war. He want to stop funding for the war and thats fine but I thought Biden had a great answer that I agree with to this when he said how we could deny our troops the equipment they need and that as long a any of our men and women are there we need to give them everything they need.

    Biden, I really like him but he just cant compete. I like his views on the war.

    Edwards is really a great speaker and I like his idea of mandating health care coverage. I dont like the idea of raising the minimum wage to 9.00 in the next five years it would be to big of a jump to fast. He answered a question about gay marriage very well I thought saying that he did not believe in marriage between homosexuals but that was a personal faith believe and that he would not resrtict the rights of another person based on his faith belief.

    To my surprise there was only one illegal immigration question asked that I can remember and that had to do with health care. MOst candidates said if they pay into the system tehy should recieve it while Bill Rischardson saod they should get health care for simply being here. I dont agree with Gov. Richardson especially after seeing the people who are americans and suffering with disease or medical affliction can not get coverage.

    All in all if the election was tomorrow I would most likely vote democratic depending on the ticket. The republicans will have a youtube debate in Sept. I am looking forward to seeing it.
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    Default Re: Youtube debate

    Theses are not debates. They are photo ops with sound bites. If the questions did not fall within their practiced scripts then the were ignored and spun back to their scripted answers. Nothing new or revealing that is not on their web sites.
    I get an empty feeling after watching theses. I keep hoping that they will let loose and actualy debate each other or that a moderator will hold their feet to the fire and not side step questions that they are not comfortable with. Anderson Cooper tried but he was no match for this group of evasion artists. The republican "debates" are just as bad. Ron Paul was the only one in that group that did not appear to evade.

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