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Discuss respect or indoctrination at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Does it have to be one or the other? Can't it be just a really ...
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    Default Re: respect or indoctrination

    Does it have to be one or the other? Can't it be just a really bad decision by an individual teacher?
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    Default Re: respect or indoctrination

    I appologize sgallen, I did get a little worked up. But this sort of thing really ticks me off. I know you think this was one isolated insident that shouldn't amount to anything, but this sort of thing spreads if it is not stopped. And I would feel the same way if it was a song about Reagan. While I do lean to the right, I do not discourage a liberal mind as long as they make that decision for themselves. I have three kids in college and one is a liberal. He got that way from life experiences and he can back up his thoughts with reason. I don't agree with it, but as long as he does know why he thinks this way and formed those thoughts on his own, then I feel as though my job as a parent has been done. I know it's sad to say, but most parents are not involved with their children's education. They are too worried about getting the upper hand in the divorce settlements and wanting to be the "fun" parent that they miss out on what really is important. This generation of parents (which, sadly enough, is my generation) has been raising their kids with tv, video games and computers. Going outside with friends and making up your own game has gone by the wayside. That type of thing develops the part of your brain that is responsible for critical thinking. Since it is already not very developed because of tv, video games and the computer, I don't think it is okay to keep beating it down with predetermined thoughts. I have read some of your other posts and it sounds like you are an active parent. A lot of kids aren't as lucky as your daughter and I just cannot bring myself to the point of not caring about their mental wellbeing. My kids will have kids and if no one cares about things like this then my grandchildren will grow up like robots, only able to think if someone tells them to or if a computer of some sort is in front of their face. I have read the book 1984 and it seems like Orwell might have been off a few decades, but Big Brother is coming.

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