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    Default Health Care Speech

    Well after listening to the whole speech I had some impressions

    On the surface some of the stuff I liked. I liked all of the stuff that he said when concerned folks who had insurance. I would support this bill if these things are true.

    What I liked

    Insurance companies can not reject people for pre-existing conditions, they also can not drop you once you get sick. I really like this.

    No cap on coverage.

    Limit out of pocket expense

    Insurance companies required to cover Dr. visits for preventative care.

    Insurance exchange. Good idea for people to have the same leverage as large companies. I like this a lot.

    Tax credits for companies and individuals purchasing insurance.

    Required everyone to get and pay for health care unless they can not then there is a hardship exemption

    No government money would go toward abortions

    What I did not like

    No real effort is being made for TORT reform

    Government option instead of opening interstate insurance purchase ability.

    What I dont buy

    That it will be deficit and budget neutral, I just dont buy it.

    Illegals wont be covered, I dont buy it.

    I dont buy that there will not be a single payer system.

    I also dont think these measures will bring down the cost of health care that much if at all. With insurance companies covering rikier patients we would see an increase in premiums at first.

    If they implemented what I like I dont see what cost the government incurs. All they are doing is reforming the health insurance companies. Add to that TORT reform in buying insurance across state lines, why do we need government health care.
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