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Thread: How's YOUR health care?

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    Default How's YOUR health care?

    Not wanting to hijack any one else's thread I decided to start another one to ask...

    Is your healthcare good, poor, nonexistent, free, expensive or what?
    And how has it changed in the last few years? Has ANYONE'S insurance gotten better???

    I'll start. I have family coverage Blue Cross HMO and I've had it for at least 10 years. I pay about $400 a month for health, vision and dental for my family coverage. My employer pays the rest. Every year the cost inches up and the benefits go the other direction. The latest - a $200 deductible for each person and a cap on physical therapy visits in 2008.

    I admit, we're lucky compared to the self employed and the unemployed, but tell us your situation....
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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    Great. 250 per month family plan includes vision, dental and scripts. We have a 15 co-pay and that is it. It through Kaiser which i hear can be difficult but we have had no problems at all.

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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    $114 per month for the family plan, $2000 family deductible including prescripts, no copays, I pick the docs. Plus get to fund a tax free health savings account to fund the deductible and it doesn't expire at the end of the year like some plans.

    The alternative plan was $370 per month, $700 per person deductible. max $1400 out of pocket, no copays. Scripts at $40 for generic, $80 for branded. Dental is separate, $40 per mopnth for the family. Vision is separate and since it amounts to $600 per year, with restricted vendors. I opted out preferring to do go where I want.
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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    I have a plan through work, no idea how much it costs per month. Had a choice this year for either higher premiums or higher co-pays, chose higher co-pays since I've only seen a doctor twice the the last 5 years or so.

    Tried to find an optometrist this weekend, but my insurance company's website won't let me search or in-network doctors outside of the state of washington (which does me a heck of a lot of good living in Maryland) and customer service isn't open on weekends.
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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    I pay about 150 a month for me and the kid through my employment plan.

    If I didnt have insurance I would have to use Indian Health Services, which I will glady pay the $ for insurance so we dont have to use it.
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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    Mine's not bad. $180/mo for me and the wife. We have to stay in network to keep our co-pays low, but that's not hard since I work for the hospital. I have noticed that a number of our co-pays have gone up consistently over the last 6 years, but most providers are doing that these days.
    The beauty of working for a university is that I can go to the dental school and optometry school and not have any co-pays for those things.

    From what I've seen in other providers, our coverage is as good or better than most, so I won't complain.

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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    Great insurance. I think I pay $100 per month for health, dental and eye. Dental and eye were optional. Only been minimal raises in recent years. $20 co-pay for doc visit. $40 for specialist with no referral necessary. $5 drug co-pay for generic.

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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    I'm 26. I'm immortal and can not be hurt.
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    Default Re: How's YOUR health care?

    Same as above, except I'm 22.

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