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Thread: How's YOUR health care?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    Same as above, except I'm 22.
    Do you even shave yet?

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    LOL. My son's girlfriend came to Illinois from California in January, took a few months to get settled in a new apartment, find a job and get enrolled in school. So because of that gap, she was not eligible under her parents' healthcare. She's not yet 20 and making just $8 an hour. She finished 3 summer classes and is part-time student this fall, still working for $8/hr. She's not quite as invincible as Zapp and Jenson and has needed to see a doctor -she jumped through quite a few hoops to find one who had sliding fees and was affordable. It was pretty stressful, trying to find some resources so she wouldn't have to go to the emergency room and incur serious debt. We're still trying to help her find a way to get insured. Not sure her school has insurance for part-timers, we're checking it out. Hope nothing major happens in the meantime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by washed up wrestler View Post
    Do you even shave yet?
    I have the cat lick my chin once every two or three weeks, does that count?

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