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Thread: Here is an alternative to Obama's plan

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    "What other industry has so much secrecy behind it's pricing?"

    Great point by you and flogingsully. Back in the day (early 80s) a company I worked for was giving up providing total heath benefits for managers and went with a system of partial coverage and "flex" benefits (ie-you could trade in a vacation week for a better health package). We had a regional managers' meeting with one of the insurance company's representatives and I asked how we could find out what were "reasonable and customary" (they loved that phrase) prices for various procedures. My goodness, you'd have thought that I had asked for the keys to the vatican. It was also clear that he had never been asked that question before. The negative impression I got about health insurance companies, then, hasn't diminished---it's only grown.

    I think I'll start challenging posts on here as to whether they are reasonable and customary.
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    Just out of High School, I worked for a Regional Property and Casualty/Auto Insurance company located in Shelby, Ohio. Each state decides who can operate in the state. The insurance company must get approval to operate in that state from the Department of Insurance in the State of Ohio.

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    Roger Ebert's defense of Universal Health Care. Suffice to say that I like his take on the morality of providing health care for all, as well as his defense of the Canadian Health Care system.

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