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Thread: Selling Kidneys

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    Quote Originally Posted by RYou View Post
    Ideally, we all hope. But as soon as selling becomes legal, the brokers will be more rAmpant than lawyers on the tube at 2 AM. "Leave a little something for your family", let Brennan, Galvin and Strich be your scavengers of choice."

    Instead of donating, many will opt to make a buck on the way to the pearly gates.
    It could be made legal only to sell an organ while you are alive and of sound mind. Your heirs, guardians, or estate could not sell your organs, but could only donate them. Otherwise, I agree, the vultures would feast.

    Edit: yes, death bed sales . . . but this would still result in more organs available, more lives saved, and organs still available for free from accident victims.
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    I've got some people that I would be willing to offer up as donors. Both kidneys, lungs, heart, whatever else you might need. On top of that, I not only won't charge you much, there are a couple I might pay for.

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