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Thread: Comments on House Healcare Reform Bill

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    Do you really believe the government would not allow a sick person to pay for care it wasn't covered by insurance? That makes no sense.

    I assume this would include elective surgeries. That means no more breast implants!

    This makes less sense than Death Panels.

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    Default Re: Comments on House Healcare Reform Bill

    Quote Originally Posted by washed up wrestler View Post
    Bush didn't give a crap about "polls" and he spent us into oblivion. Listen to Obama. He has the audacity to tell the greedy repubs who got a tax break (unbelievably) that they may have to pay a little more. How horrible!

    BTW, the screamimg lunatics who are bussed into these townhalls do not represent what is the best in America, nor public opinion. They all need mental health counseling. Maybe the new heath care reform will assist them in affording it.

    What is really remarkable is that the repubs all of a sudden care about the defecit. They should have thought about that when they were 100% supportive of the invasion of Iraq.

    BTW, whatever happened to the Bush warmongers and their bogus "Support The Troops" rants? Ironic, don't you think?

    You need to watch some news more. Acorn is the one being bused in to these town halls.

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