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Discuss Well I made the Deal.... at the Politics & Religion within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I'm glad to hear they are adding 2 bil for the program. I really don't ...
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    Default Re: Well I made the Deal....

    I'm glad to hear they are adding 2 bil for the program. I really don't mind my taxes going for that as opposed to the fricking Wall Street bailout.

    The vote actually attracted 77 repubs, which is a rarity when the minority actually agreed with the majority. I guess pigs are starting to fly out of my butt.

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    Default Re: Well I made the Deal....

    Done deal the Jeep gets clunked. 4 hours calling dealers to find what was on the lot. Seems the dealers wouldn't cooperate with each other swapping these vehicles and by Friday night hardly any were left. I started hunting down dealers out in the rural areas and finally found one with 3 on the lot in South Jersey 2 hours away. By the timne I got there this AM 2 were sold in to dealer prep. Got lucky though, the last one had 3 of 4 features I was looking for.

    The Jeep is officially owned by President Obama....thanks to the extra $2 Bill they put up, it eased the fear the dealers had of getting stuck for the $3500-4500 trade. One dealer I spke to last night was holding off on clunking more for fear of exhausted cash...bad mistake on his part since the G guaranteed payment on every legit clunk.

    By the way, last figures as of last night they've only spent $500M so far and that includes the estimated for sold but unreported clunks. I get a sense they are instigating a crush in order to move '09s before all of the '10s hit the pavement in August.

    Since the mfgs were closed all of July, there isn't much in '10 stock to be delivered leaving slim pickens on the lots.
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