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Thread: Uh oh.... this will be ugly

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    I'm not a Kentuckian, but I live across the river in Cincinnati, and, while I'm not surprised by the news, I'm surprised at how little coverage it's getting... to the point where I wonder if it's really real.

    Bunning seems like a bit of a loose cannon for a long time. His last re-election campaign was one of the dirtiest I've observed -- alleging that his Democratic opponent was a gay terrorist (or, I should say, gay, and a terrorist) because he is unmarried and rather swarthy (though a native of Hazard, Kentucky). Days before the election, Bunning alleged that the opponent sent individuals to rough up his wife. He is very uncooperative with the press, failing to show for local events where he's intended to be the star attraction.

    Over the weekend, it was revealed that three individuals who have given generously in the past to Bunning had put all their money on his rival for the GOP primary, Trey Greyson, with no intention of donating to the Bunning campaign. Greyson has over $1 million in his campaign coffers; Bunning has just over $100,000, according to news reports.

    Oh, and reports indicate that Bunning and Mitch McConnell do not get along at all... despite being from the same state, and the same party

    wow sounds like Bunning is one hell of a guy!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ideamark View Post
    Call me crazy, but if John McCain were in the White House, I don't think the question would have even come up... because I doubt this would be a story beyond Boston or certain constituencies. At least I don't think it would've ranked as the top story at least two evenings on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric.

    That probably would have been the case for the guy I voted for also. But maybe not. In his last debate among third party candidates, held in Cleveland BTW, I was really surprised at some of the vitriol he aimed at certain institutions. In the case of George Bush he not only wanted him impeached, but, even if that didn't happen, wanted him indicted in any case in a regular court of law after his term expired.

    In short he may have had a stronger reaction than Obama's now famous quote about "acting stupidly".
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