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Thread: What historical figures would you....

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    Default What historical figures would you....

    My girlfriend and I were having a conversation the other day on what 3-5 people either past or present would you have dinner with.

    So who would you like to have dinner with and why?

    This may not be the right forum but thought i would stick it in here.

    Mine would be:

    Jesus Christ: I would like to clear up a lot of the gray areas and questions that have been raised over the years.

    Alexander the Great: would be interesting to speak with the man on tactics that helped him conquer most of the known world at the time.

    George Washington: What would the original fathers think of our country today.

    Mickey Mantle: My favorite baseball player....wasn't alive during his playing days but still great memories of my father telling me stories about him.

    Churchill: After hearing all the qoutes from the other thread I had to change my 5th and put in churchill.

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    Default Re: What historical figures would you....


    Teddy Roosevelt

    Martin Luther


    Alexander Hamilton

    Apostle Paul or Moses

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    MLK, jr.
    George Washington
    Justice Thurgood Marshall
    Bob Marley
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