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I wasn't aware we were in an extreme inflationary phase?? Now if I were going overseas; it would suck.
We don't need to be in "extreme inflationary phase" in order for your dollar to lose it's value.

A weak dollar is bad for nearly everyone in America for a number of reasons. It is definitely inflationary as it makes everything we import more expensive. Everyone's real spending power is diminished by a weak dollar. Foreign nations have been actively rolling out of US dollars as their reserve currency because the dollar continues to fall under this administration. (This has enormous impact on national security.)

Some will argue that a weak dollar helps our trade deficit. This is grossly exagerrated as a huge chunk of our current trade imbalance is due to all the oil we import which is already priced in US dollars.

A weak dollar may help a few industries in this country, but overall it's not good for the entire economy.