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Thread: NYC Teachers

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    Quote Originally Posted by UGLY View Post
    That is funny because as a teacher you do not have the right to negotiate your contract independent of the teachers union. As a firefighter at least in Denver you have no choice but to be part of the union and you also can not negotiate a contract independent of the union.

    The government is not required to negotiate any terms with a union. They can low ball the union and when they strike they can hire scabs or as President Reagan did fire them and hire new teachers.

    Better yet in a right to work state employers have the right to fire you for any reason they see fit as long as it dies not include your affiliation with a union or your religion,sex, race etc.
    I am not aware of the laws state to state, but in most places typical private employment is "at will", meaning the employer can fire you without any reason at all. They still can't fire you illegally, but when you are shown the door they don't have to say why and even if sued are under no obligation to prove why you were fired.

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    In union states there are more safeguards in place, like retraining, and a more rigorous process to fire someone. My brother in law works for the rail road and he has to have a ton of documentation and warnings before he can fire someone. There are certain acts that can get you fired but just being a bad employee does not guarantee it.

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