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Thread: Iran election & Obama visit

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    Default Iran election & Obama visit

    I heard a very interesting commentary on the radio today that made a lot of sense to me.

    The speaker claimed Obama's mid-east visit and speech to the Arab / Muslim world was timed and written in part to influence today's Iranian election.

    Apparently, Iranian hardliners have been using fear as a political platform. Obama's message of peace and cooperation undermined their attempt to scare Iranians into thinking US / Zionists invaders are out to get them.

    Hopefully, Iranians will feel more comfortable voting for a more moderate candidate.

    Credit to Obama if this was his intention. Good move IMO.

    Quite a contrast to Bush, who labeled them team captain of the Axis of Evil.

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    Default Re: Iran election & Obama visit

    "Apparently, Iranian hardliners have been using fear as a political platform"

    That is exactly the nopublican playbook.

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