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    What's the story behind the wikipedia article? I know it's something about his death was written about in wikipedia before the body was found, but does anyone have more details on that?
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    Read on Digg a few days ago that someone claimed that they were the one that did it, and that it was very unfortunate timing, with a joke in very poor taste. I'll see if I can't dig it up.
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    From what I read someone heard he had canceled an appearance due to "family problems" and edited the wiki page to say that his wife had died. The same person edited a bunch of other pro-wrasler's pages around the same time.
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    The strangest part of the story involves the posting of news about Nancy's death on Benoit's Wikipedia page 14 hours before the bodies were found. The anonymous poster has since claimed that it was all a matter of tragic coincidence.
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    Very interesting. I have problems believing it Benoit was murdered though. If he were strangled or shot I could see it, but how many people would be strong enough to hang him? Also, why would he have all the alcohol in his system?
    Curtis Chenoweth
    wannabe national champ headed to a new home:walkman:

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