Just got back from being on the road for three weeks.

First we went to Phoenix and took part in a couple of camps. One a technique type camp and another a training camp for Western Regionals.

Then we went to Quincy California for an intense training camp for four days with Terry Pack. It was quite the camp. Pack is a great coach. There was about 48 National Championships and 128 State Championships divied up between 37 kids. Reni got worked over pretty good the first day but stepped it up after that. If you saw her after the four days you would have sworn I was a child abuser. Quincy beautiful and there is lots to do. I wouldn't mind living there.

Then it was off to Klamath Falls and a "make weight" day. Which means I don't get to eat either. Reni was under though so we were able to drink all day followed by the requisite big dinner, which isn't so big because our stomachs shrunk some.

The next four days were wrestling. The deal was.... if Reni placed in greco I had to wrestle in the beach tournament. Well the brackets came out, she got the tough side, and I figured I might have dodged that bullet. No such luck.... she placed 5th. Brat! So 'we' wrestled the beach tournament. Then the deal was if Reni placed top four in freestyle I have to wrestle three times next year and get into a shape other than round. She placed 3rd.

Then off to Mt. Shasta for a drive up the mountain a ways. Then to a place called the 'crags' for some camping and a steep hike followed by some rock climbing.

Then off to Happy Camp Califrornia for some white water rafting. We got there a day early, I had visions of the movie deliverence (I kid you not), so we went back to Yreka and got a room. Then drove back the next day for two days of white water rafting.

All in all a productive (Reni's results) and enjoyable trip.